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Not just a rescue


Rescues are animals who, by nature, will likely perish without intervention. While we have learned how to care for many of these cases, the majority will wind up seeing our herp vet.

Reptiles who are rehomed to us are generally healthy (or very healthy) from the get go. We have two types of rehomes. Animals who the owner has requested stay with us, and others who we find new homes for.
Native Reptiles

Native reptiles are defined by the FWC, and are illegal to keep from the wild. We will relocate native reptiles (who would die if they are left where they are at) or take in injured native reptiles. Reptiles with minor injuries will be observed for 12-24 hours, and released. All others are turned over to our vet.
Non-Native Reptiles

Non-Native reptiles are defined by the FWC, and do not beling in the wild in Florida. We accept non-native species, space permitting, and will either care for until death ourselves, bring to our vet to be euthanized (if injuries are too extensive), or rehome to a zoo where they cannot escape, to help educate Floridians about the reptiles that don't belong in the wild.
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